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October 15, 2013

What has happened to the customer service philosophy?

     True customer service seems to becoming a thing of the past.  Today there are many companies and organizations that practice true customer service but there are those who either do not understand what customer service is or they are ignoring the philosophy.  This has nothing to do with the quality of product or service being provided but the quality of the customer service received both before and after the sale by those purchasing products or services.

     Successful companies know what customer service involves and make efforts to have a customer service department which tries to do everything it can to keep a customer happy.  It is sad to say I feel that this activity within many companies and organizations are placing it on a low priority.  Companies must understand that treating the customer with respect is an important aspect of doing business.  It also involves the principles of integrity which also seems to be lacking in today’s environment as witnessed by scandals associated with individuals and businesses.

     Examples of the philosophy of poor customer service include displaying a policy where customer service is a priority but not living up the words being displayed.  When customers have a problem with a product or service and a company displays a policy of basically catering to the customer needs but does not follow through is poor customer service.  Another aspect also involves a request to speak to the manager of the store but he/she is too busy to address the issue.  Disregarding the customer when they have issues which they feel need to be addressed from a management perspective speaks volumes about an organization.

     The economic conditions in place today and with the possibility of increased health insurance cost, some of which has already been reported individuals will have or have less money to spend.  This not only includes the essential items they need but the items they would like to have.  Companies or organizations that practice true customer service will reap the rewards of satisfied customers in the area of customer service and potentially keep the customers they have.  In addition positive customer service information is communicated through satisfied customers.  It is a fact that customers tell their friends and neighbors when they have positive experiences with companies and products and at the same time they communicate bad experiences.

     Customers today expect more from companies and organizations with the tight budgets many individuals and families have.  Most individuals will pay more for quality products and service but they expect good customer service before, during and after the sale.  Companies which achieve a sale can lose future sales if when they have issues with products or services they receive a lackluster response or no response to their issues.

     In closing positive customer service relations is beneficial to all businesses while negative customer service relations can impact their profit margin and potentially their market share.  Unsatisfied customers for any company or organization are bad if they want to remain in business.  Companies who experience unsatisfied customers either with their product or service must address the issues to turn an unsatisfied customer into a happy customer.  Quality products and service are key ingredients in having satisfied customers.

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Dennis AuBuchon
I have been writing for several years and have written two books. One is titled Integrity: Do You Have it? 2nd edition and the other is What Makes a Good Audit? I have also written over 960 articles primarily on the topic of integrity and hot topics of the day. My articles can be found on hubpages.com and bubblews.com.
My book on integrity defines integrity and discusses the characteristics. It creates a common set of criteria which is applied to various segments of society such as the news, education and politics among others.

My book on auditing discusses and presents the requirements for auditing from the private sector and government. In addition it identifies the responsibilities of those being audited and those conducting the audits.

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