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Welcome to SWI

Speak Without Interruption is a site where writers can post their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs regarding any topic or category that interests them. Our site is a completely impartial place where writers can interact with other writers, and viewers, in an atmosphere of free speech and openness. We welcome all people who want to interact with other people and truly Speak Without Interruption.

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Our site went online December 6, 2008.  Since that time I have been asked, by a number of people, why I set up this blog (now an Online Magazine) and who am I?  I want to take this opportunity to briefly explain both.  My name is Bob Grant and I am 68, been married to my beautiful – and extremely tolerant – wife for 46 years, have a gorgeous daughter and granddaughter  (who provide me with an unlimited amount of pride and joy), been a school teacher, in the Army during Viet Nam, a corporate flunky, and a small business owner.  I have had successes, and failures, over the years just like everyone else.  I am not a writer by profession or any other criteria – in fact, I was a Physical Education major in college who went to school to major in football.  However, I have grown to enjoy reading very much and try to read a book a week.  I have tremendous respect for the written word and for people who can intelligently put their thoughts into written form.

The name of this Online Magazine - SpeakWithoutInterruption – came to me while watching the Pundits, and other TV personalities, continually talk over one another to a point whereby I could not understand any of the conversation or exchange of ideas.  Originally, I sent out invitations to Pundits – and associated parties – inviting them to finish their conversations on our new blog.  Unfortunately,  but not surprisingly, I received no replies.  I then thought – if it were not for writers – these Pundits, and personalities, probably would not have much to say?   Therefore, I began a campaign to invite writers to participate in our blog.  At this writing I am humbled by the fact that so many talented individuals have decided to become contributors to our blog -  some contribute daily, some contribute occasionally, and some have yet to submit a post.

My goal for this Online Magazine is to increase the number of quality writers who want to participate.  I hope this Online Magazine becomes a place where quality writers can both share their thoughts with their fellow writers and also with those who will be visiting our site to read what has been written and posted.  My theory is that “Quality” will bring “Quantity.”

Speak Without Interruption is an experiment – of sorts.  The only goal (criteria) for this site is “Free Speech.”  There is no other guide, or direction, that I give this site – period!!!  This site is completely open to all writers, and viewers, to express their opinions without fear of editing, deletion, or censoring.  The success – or failure – of this site will be “entirely” tied to this single goal.  Writers, and viewers, will either embrace this site and it will remain an entity for some time to come – or – they will ultimately shun it and it will fade into oblivion.  Regardless of the outcome – the “single goal” of this site will remain in tact -  Free Speech for all who want to use this site for this purpose.

This is different from anything I have ever done but I enjoy it very much.  I have enjoyed seeing it grow and am amazed by the number of talented – and quality – writers who have taken a chance on a complete stranger.  If you are a writer, visiting our site for the first time, I hope you will give some consideration to joining us as a contributor.  If you are interested please click on this link to begin the registration process http://www.speakwithoutinterruption.com/site/wp-login.php?action=register It is you, and our current contributors, along with our existing and new guests who will make this Online Magazine a success.

I do not edit or censor what is written. The contributors are encouraged to write about any topic or subject that is of interest to them and I have no minimum number of posts required to remain a contributor.

Our site is entirely dedicated to the pursuit of unlimited FREE SPEECH.  I extend an invitation to you to become a contributor to our site – if you are interested you can register directly by clicking on this link http://www.speakwithoutinterruption.com/site/wp-login.php?action=register  or you can submit an article, as a Guest Writer, by clicking on this link: http://www.speakwithoutinterruption.com/site/post-as-guest/

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